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The Municipality of Delphi is now the 10th largest municipality in Greece. Its diversity and diverse geophysical, cultural, and traveling activities are able to keep you here throughout the year, if this is your choice. The world heritage monument of the Delphi Sanctuary together with its breathtaking paths, the southern sea coast and the peninsula of Makrinikola to the maritime town of Galaxidi, the unblemished wild beauty of the nature found at Kallieis between Mt. Giona, Mt. Oiti and Mt. Vardousia, Mt. Parnassos, the mountain of legends, winter activities and getaways between the Parnassos Ski Center, the picturesque village of Agoriani and the pleasant village of Polydrosso, the traces of the "Paths of '21" and the Greek Revolution in Roumeli, from the Maritime Museum of Galaxidi, the Museum of the Bishop Isaiah of Desphina and the Castle of Salona in Amphissa to the Athanasios Diakos Museum in Diako and the historical Gravia Inn, the perennial and largest Greek ongoing olive grove in Amphissa, the national parks of Mt. Parnassos and Mt. Oiti, the culinary tradition of Roumeli with the meat on the spit, meat delicacies and the Roumeli cuisine in the taverns of the traditional villages, the enjoyment of discovering known and unknown Delphic land in a 4x4, most of which (70%) is covered in greenery, mountaineering on the tallest mountains that attract nature lovers, the festivities and the partying of the carnival's Ghost of Harmaina in Amphissa, the Shrove Monday Flour Smudging in Galaxidi and of course the Festival of Love on Easter day at Delphi. Equip yourselves with good spirit and get going.


Guide | Touring

In each town you will be able to visit beautiful, unique, historical, rare and individual locations which will make you think more and see further than you had ever imagined. We give you our suggestions and you give your precious, yet enjoyable time.


Delphic Landscape - Archeological Sites of Delphi - Hosios Loukas Balcony/Pavilion - Municipal Museum of Angelos and Eva Sikelianos - European Culture Center of Delphi - Open-Air Sculpture Park of the European Culture Center of Delphi (ECCD)- funerary complex of Meleager - "Delphic Light" - Observatory - Aghios Nikolaos - Monastery of Prophet Elias - Korykio Antro - Ag. Georgios Plateau


Archeological Museum of Amphissa - Harmaina - Castle of Salona - Tsipouradika - Giali Kafene - Palia Solonitika - Archontika - Papalouka Art Gallery - Church of Sotiros - Forest village "Kapsitsa" - Eleonas/Topolia - Aghia Efthymia


Traditional alleys - Maritime Museum of Galaxidi - Monument of the Sailor's Wife - Galaxidi Manors - Church of Aghios Nikolaos - Peri-urban Parkland - Galaxidi Girls' School - Mylos - Cedar Tree Forest of Vounichora - Estia Ag. Nikolaos - Panagia Galaxa


Itea Esplanade - Kirra Ship Shelters - Ag. Anargyri Parklands


Museum of Bishop Isaiah - Monastery of Prodromos (old & new) - Makrynikolas

Mt. Parnassos

Parnassos Ski Center - Parnassos National Park - Agoriani - Eptastomos - Polydrosso - Aghia Eleousa - Acropolis of Lilea


Gravia Inn - War Cemetery of Gravia - Vargiani - Kaloskopi - Kastellia - Oiti


Museum of Athanasios Diakos - Stromi cave - The "pournara (holly oak tree) of Kastriotissa" - The Plane tree of Mavrolithari" - The Mt. Oiti balconies - Pyra tou Irakleous

Hosios Loukas Balcony/Pavilion

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Only 2km from the western exit of Delphi in the direction of the Amphissa/Itea road you will find an amazing road that leads to one of Delphi's most beautiful natural balconies. At the end of this road, the ancient altar of the first church in honor of Hosios Loukas, who was born in Delphi, has been salvaged. The view towards the Delphic Landscape is breathtaking. It is a favorite hiking route, especially around dusk.

Open-Air Sculpture Park (ECCD)

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One of the most beautiful culture visits that features sculptures in Greece. An open-air sculpture park that covers the southern end of the European Cultural Center of Delphi's natural landscape that hosts works by Greek and foreign artists such as: Takis, Varotsos, Tsolkis, Zogolopoulos, Patsoglou, Gerard, Saiz, Romano, Reynaud, Noda and more. The sculptures' integration into the natural environment is unique and adds the value that nature and man can perform when they join forces. The park can be visited during the period that the ECCD is open to the public. ECCD: (30)22650 82731-2

Funerary complex of Meleager

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Just 1km from the eastern entrance to Delphi (from Athens), on the E4 international path, is one of the most beautiful funerary complexes of Delphi, which is freely accessible and emits the timeless course of historical significance that nature and man have taken in one of the most significant places in Greece.

"Delphic Light"

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One of the most incredible works of Greek sculpture adorn Delphi and you must see this up close. The "Delphic Light" was created by the sculptor Gerasimos Sklavos (1927-1967) during the 1965-1966 period and is erected in the same area that the garden of the "Amalia" hotel is currently located. It is a work of art dedicated to the light of Delphi, as G. Sklavos would say, "Delphi set my soul ablaze", which was created from the same fire with a special technique.


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Possibly the most impressive observation point of the Delphic Landscape looks out to incredible distances. It is imposed and almost hangs from the rocks to the north and above the city of Delphi as an elevation of 1,017m. You can arrive via the slightly difficult Delphi-Parnassos (well-known "Skala") hiking trail, which will take 1h30', or by car, which will take about 1hour via Arachova-Parnassos-National Park-Kroki Camp. The Delphi-observatory route is clearly one of the most impressive hiking routes in Greece.

Monastery of Prophet Elias

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Just 7km from Delphi, the historical Monastery of Prophet Elias is the starting point of the Greek Revolution in 1821 for Roumeli. Having experienced the barbarity of its respective conquerors over the periods, it now stands on the slopes of Mt. Parnassos at an elevation of 500m. Its course in history, the monastic architecture and the art that is displayed through the carved solid wood temple of unparalleled beauty (created by Athanasios Moschos, a sculptor from Metsovo) are sufficient reasons for visiting one of the most symbolic monasteries on Delphic land.

Ag. Georgios /Crisaean Plateau

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Taking the form of a boat, the Crisaean Plateau runs across the southeastern end of Chrisso and "floats in the green sea" of the perennial olive grove of Amphissa. The main passage of the ancient path taken by pilgrims (Kirra-Delphic Oracle) impresses with its view across the open horizon through the heart of the Delphic Landscape. A favorite resting stop is the byzantine church of Ag. Georgios that stands like a "bridge" at the southern end of the plateau.

Tsipouradika in Amphissa

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It is a typical custom for Greek friends to enjoy a glass of tsipouro with a Greek meze (delicacy), especially when they need to relax, or unwind or during more serious and important times in one's life. So you too can enjoy traditional tsipouro and delicacies in one of the most historical neighborhoods in Greece.

"Giali Kafene"

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It is the famous old cafe-theater "Panellinion" in Amphissa, which experienced days of artistic and social glory during its lifetime. When Artemis Matsas was performing he renamed it "giali kafene". Playing, starring and creating on the stage of this cafe-theater were giants of the artistic scene such as the cast of Avlonitis, Fotopoulos, Makris, Romy Schneider, Theodoros Angelopoulos with his "Cast". The travel in time is guaranteed and it lasts as long as you want it to.

Old Manors of Salona

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A tour of "Salona" (the former name of the capital of Amphissa) is on its own a unique experience for lovers of architecture. Every corner and neighborhood hides styles and residential creations that will surely satisfy the senses. The town's long history in combination with occasional influences and thriving trade (olives, leather, bells, ropes, etc) have given the town the monuments that take us back to those times and the philosophy behind them.

"Spyros Papaloukas" public art gallery

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The "Spyros Papaloukas" public art gallery in Harmaina, Amphissa hosts the "anthivola" and the designs created by the artist Spyros Papaloukas (1892-1957) for the hagiography of the Metropolitan Church of Amphissa. The hagiography began in 1927 and was completed in 1932 with the "Anthivolo" technique. In other words, he would use charcoal to draw the smallest drawing on paper with a scale of 1/1; he would prick the outline of the paper "Anthivolo" onto the church wall and with the use of charcoal powder he would depict the drawing through the holes made on the paper. Papaloukas did not destroy the "Anthivola". He kept all 349 drawings of this art treasure and part of it is exhibited in the public library that bears his name. (Tel: 22650 23344)

Church of Sotiros

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Located on the forest outskirts of Amphissa and at a key point of the A1 peri-urban path stands the church-monument of Metamorphosis tou Sotiros (Transformation of the Savior). An intricate byzantine monument that dates back to the 11th –12th centuries. The structural elements of its architecture classify it as one of the most exceptional creations of the middle byzantine period.

Forest village "Kapsitsa"

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On the SE side of Mt. Giona, at an elevation of 1,000 m and only 20 kms from Amphissa, you will come across the Forest Village "Kapsitsa" in the Prosolio region. A spectacular landscape of great ecological significance (you will find the Abies cephalonica in this area) surrounded by Mt. Giona's mountain peaks that discloses all of nature's splendor. Twenty appropriately-equipped houses, areas of hospitality and recreation, which have been built at a distance of one another to ensure the tenants' tranquility, are hidden in the deep shadowed forest and ensure an unforgettable stay. The facility also comprises of a restaurant, so that you can enjoy the local cuisine, playgrounds for the young nature lovers and a comfortable sports field.

Traditional alleys of Galaxidi

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Known as the "island on land", Galaxidi is a maritime town that has preserved every aspect of its traditional character. As you would in a special "island", you must stroll through the town's quaint alleys, which still bear the picturesqueness and beauty of centuries gone by. Back when you would travel from Galaxidi to the end of the Earth by sail boat only to return to a city that was characterized for its nobility and its Greek maritime tradition.

Church of Aghios Nikolaos of Galaxidi

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It nobly stands like a "crown" at the town's peak and is visible both from land and sea. An impressive Byzantine style church that was built in the 1897-1902 period with a splendid wooden temple in its interior that will fascinate you. A work of art comprising of 12 solid wood carvings that portray relief topics of the Old & New Testament. A magnificent journey of art and technique that is listed among the top Greek examples of its kind.

Peri-urban Parkland of Galaxidi

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One of the unique peri-urban parklands in Greece can be found in Galaxidi. A pine tree parkland right across from the traditional settlement of Galaxidi that belongs to the active Forestry Association of Galaxidi (founded in 1929). This verdant, privately-owned parkland is ideal for a walk where you will be able to enjoy the view of Galaxidi as well as the magical Crisaean Gulf and the Delphic Landscape. Within the limits of its jurisdiction is the famous "tomb of Lokros" as well as the "communication" of the Port's Cave (Karkaros).

Galaxidi Girl's School

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A particular vivid monument for Galaxidi. A neoclassical building with an archaic style entrance, which is located within the Galaxidi community, was built in 1880. It was used as a girl's school until 1928-1929, subsequently only the large hall was used as a theater. The main hall, which has plenty of windows, is located on the ground floor. It has an imposing entrance with a foyer and two Dorian-style columns. The ground floor is covered by a wood pitched roof covered with roof tiles, whereas a hipped roof covers the second story. The roof is covered with byzantine roof tiles and Doric pilasters surround the window frames of the main hall on the ground floor. The "Girls' School" is a classic architectural attraction, which nowadays hosts official events


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Located to the east, across from the picturesque port of Galaxidi, above the Forestry Association's parkland, is Mylos (windmill) of Galaxidi. A traditional windmill on the hilltop from where you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the beautiful Delphic Landscape and relax your mind and gaze.

Estia Ag. Nikolaou

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Only a short distance out of Galaxidi, the "Estia Ag. Nikolaou" community consists of 40 adults with or without an obvious disability. The ceramics, jewelry, gardening and earth-related workshops play a significant role in the residents' lives. For Estia Ag. Nikolaou, the other person's acceptance, mentality, language, religion, abilities and weaknesses is the main idea that they try to promote on a daily basis. In this context, it is possible to visit the members' creativity exhibition that has objects and small works of art that contribute to the promotion of their purposes and provide beautiful gifts ideas for every occasion.

Panagia Galaxa

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The Church Panagia (Virgin Mary) Galaxa or Thalassokratousa, which was founded in 2002, is built on Trachilas hill, only a couple of kilometers south of Galaxidi. The view from the top of this sacred site truly seduces the senses and releases nature's beauty and tranquility into the infinite blue sea and sky. Tel.: 22650 41708, 42122

Ag. Anargyri Parklands

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To the NW of Itea there is an elevation that stands out. It is the Aghii Anargyri parkland that is an ideal place to enjoy a walk, cycle, run and relax your gaze towards the magnificent Corinthian Gulf and towards Delphi and the Mt. Parnassos peaks to the north, but also towards the grand olive grove of Amphissa which spreads before you like a green rug.

Museum of Bishop Isaiah

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In 2013, the ancestral home of the Bishop Isaiah of Salona, the hero of the Greek Revolution of 1821, was converted into a modern museum dedicated to this great personality of Desphina, but also the Battle of the Revolution in Roumeli. Isaiah of Salona was the only Despot that lost his life while fighting for Greece's liberation in '21, thus his compatriots rightfully honor him in this unique way.

Monastery of Prodromos (old & new)

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Situated at an elevation of 535m on the Desphina plateau is the Monastery of Timios Prodromos (new). Outside the gate you will be welcomed by a perennial holly oak tree, which symbolizes the bridging of the centuries, between the old and new monastery. The old monastery, hidden in the wild, steep slope between the biblical cliffs in the southern region of Desphina dates back to the 13th,14th century until the 17th century. The monastery was a refuge for the fighters of the Greek Revolution of '21, including General Makrygiannis, whereas today it is an impressive monument-landmark of the land's history.

"Eptastomo" Cave pothole of Mt. Parnassos

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The pothole can be found in the Kalania area to the west of Mt. Parnassos. "Eptastomos" is the most southern glacier in Europe because of the glacier in its interior, which is preserved all year round. Its name originates from the 7 openings-potholes that lead to its interior. The central pothole has a depth of 80-100m. & a diameter of approximately 200m. The descent to its base is extremely difficult and dangerous and its ascent requires much effort. This is the reason that its descent is only performed by organized groups with specialized knowledge. A phantasmagoric element within the pothole is the "underground" sound that can be heard on occasion, as if the cave is breathing. The sound stems from the wind that comes into the pothole from the surface via its openings.

Bralo War Cemetery (Gravia)

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Just outside of Gravia, on the road to Lamia, we come across the Bralo war cemetery. The final resting place for 102 soldiers of the allied forces that passed away in the region during 1917-20. During the 1st World War, the Allied Powers (Entente) used the port of Itea and the Bralo railway line to transfer provisions from Taranta, Italy to the Macedonian front. This well-maintained cemetery will always constitute a monument of how wars determine the fate of people throughout the world.

The balconies of Mt. Oiti

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Mt. Oiti is one of the 4 magnificent mountains in the Delphic land. It stands tall on the northern end of our Municipality and its southern geophysical landscape creates the most beautiful balconies in Greece. Natural balconies in the Kallieis region, whose history dates back to the first Dorian residents. Southern view with Mt. Giona to the east and Mt. Vardousia to the west. Between you will find torrents, tributaries and valleys that refer to a heavenly mythical place. Seasons alternate into beauty and senses. The ring road from Kaloskopi and Mavrolithari to Athanasios Diakos, Stromi and Panourgia may well be considered one of the most beautiful in Greece.

Routes within the Delphic land

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You can enjoy many routes in the Delphic land that depend on your time, mood and interests. Every season offers a number of challenges for you to visit and get to know the heart of Greece. With routes from 2 hours to 4 days, the range of choices could include culture, recreation and action. Wherever you are based in the Delphic land, in 1h30m you will be able to find yourself in places that could well become the starting point of your tour. Besides, when time meets a beautiful place, it always tries to fool you. And here, in the "Center of the World" it has many reasons to do it. Place your trust in it.


Southern axis

Delphi - Amphissa

Delphi - Itea - Galaxidi

Delphi - Itea - Desphina

Galaxidi - Itea - Desphina

Amphissa - Itea - Galaxidi

Amphissa - Itea - Desphina

Northern axis

Polydrosso - Gravia - Kaloskopi - Mavrolithari - Athanasios Diakos

Polydrosso - Gravia - Kaloskopi - Stromi - Mousounitsa

Polydrosso - Gravia - Kastellia - Oinochori

Vertical axes

Galaxidi / Itea - Amphissa - Mavrolithari - Ath. Diakos

Galaxidi / Itea - Delphi - Agoriani - Polydrosso

Galaxidi - Lidoriki - Athanasios Diakos

Circular routes

Delphi - Itea - Galaxidi - Lidoriki - Ath. Diakos - Mavrolithari - Kastellia - Gravia - Polydrosso - Agoriani - Delphi

Galaxidi - Lidoriki - Stromi - Kaloskopi - Amphissa - Galaxidi

Desphina - Itea - Amphissa - Gravia - Polydrosso - Agoriani - Arachova - Distomo - Desphina

Delphi - Agoriani - Polydrosso - Gravia - Vargiani - Amphissa - Delphi

Gravia - Kastellia - Oinochori - Kaloskopi - Vargiani - Gravia

Kaloskopi - Mavrolithari - Kastriotissa - Ath. Diakos - Stromi - Panourgias - Kaloskopi

Delphi - Itea - Desphina - Distomo - Arachova - Delphi

Close getaways outside of Delphi


Monastery of Hosios Loukas in Stiri, Viotia



Nafpaktos - Orini Nafpaktia



Nisos Trizonia

Religious Tourism

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The Delphic land is blessed. The tranquility that is generously offered may justify the significant presence of the Orthodox religion through its monastic life and in other ways. The Monastery of Prophet Elias in Chrisso, the Monastery of Timios Prodromos in Desphina and the monasteries of Sotiros and Panagia Galaxa (Thalassakratousa) in Galaxidi, are both significant monuments of faith and historical tradition. Combined with the exceptional religious creations in churches and chapels such at the Transformation of the Savior (Metamorphoseos tou Sotiros) in Amphissa, Aghios Nikolaos in Delphi and Galaxidi, the Metropolitan Church of Amphissa, the old church of Dormition of the Virgin Mary (Koimiseos tis Theotokou) in Gravia and many more, visitors may pray to the relics and admire the artworks of our Orthodox tradition all year round.

Monastery of Hosios Loukas

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From Delphi, you can easily visit one the most significant, vivid religious monuments-landmarks in Greece. The byzantine Monastery of Hosios Loukas in Stiri, Viotia (25' from Delphi) comes to life in 945 by the monk Hosios Loukas, who originated from Delphi (formerly Kastri). Unique architecture, mosaics, frescoes and icons of unparalleled beauty make up the religious destination that stands apart from the rest in Greece and which is a global meeting point of religious faith and culture.

Monastery of the Transformation of the Savior (Metamorphoseos tou Sotiros) at Galaxidi

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Located on the slope of Mt. Giona just above Galaxidi is the byzantine Monastery of the Transformation of the Savior with its magnificent frescoes and the unique view of the sea of the Corinthian Gulf. A view that soothes the soul and gives the place the true meaning of a religious retreat.

Old church of Dormition of the Virgin Mary (Koimiseos tis Theotokou)

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An old, plain, yet beautiful old monastery (inactive) in Gravia. Built in 1517 is was once a significant location for our land's historical and social activities and battles that left their mark in history. Nowadays, it is a special place for local celebrations and festivities.


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We would be lying if we said that you would not come across an infinite number of chapels on Delphic land. Big or small, they define the deepest needs and situations of human existence and function.

Here, other than the local festivities that you may enjoy, you could even perform a unique wedding that will be unforgettable and incomparable the other usual and standard ceremonies.

Aghia Triada (Paliopanagia) of Delphi

Aghios Loukas of Delphi

Aghios Georgios of Chrisso

Aghia Triada of Kaloskopi

Panagia Stromitissa

Prophet Elias of Kalania

Panagia Zygoti of Delphi

Ai Giannis of Kirra


Guide | Touring

Some of you truly love touring with campers or tents and living in organized campings. Many envy you and you know it. For you, the Delphic land has choices that can make your stay and your visit even more beautiful and pleasant in an organized environment. Delphi, Chrisso and Kirra give you the opportunity to choose 1 of the 4 camping grounds that they offer. We wish you a pleasant stay.

Apollon Camping, Delphi /

Ayannis Camping, Kirra /

Chrissa Camping, Chrisso /

Delphi Camping, Chrisso /