Activities on the Delphic land

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Blessed by nature, the Delphic land offers many, unique opportunities to enjoy activities at every level. As an amateur or professional, the mountains, sea, rocks, land, wind of our land are open-handedly offered, so that you can enjoy them in your own way and always with knowledge, safety, proper preparation and under certain circumstances, accompanied by a trained guide-organizer. Ski sports, mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, Nordic walking, road and mountain cycling, parapente, sailing, canoe-kayak, cross country races, motoring and 4X4 are activities that will keep you interested and bring you closer to nature's beauty in the heart of Greece, in the center of the world, in the Delphic land.

Mountain sports

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With 4 spectacular mountains, mountain sports take center stage. Each mountain has its own thrills, different experiences, and unique enjoyment. The Parnassos Ski Center is the largest ski resort in Greece that offers organized fun in the snow. Here, mountaineering and rock climbing are exhilarating experiences on their own. So is hiking along short or long, breathtaking paths. Here, parapente releases all your emotions, while mountain biking takes you where few have been. The same goes for kayaking at Kallieis. Whether you take a simple walk or you are up for Nordic walking over flatlands and through forests, the enjoyment of the exercise and coming into contact with nature is simply spectacular. And if you avid for 4X4, our mountains are home to the most thrilling routes

Parnassos Ski Center

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The largest ski center in Greece is located on Delphic land. With 19 runs (50m - 4km for all levels), 7 ski routes, 10 paths/trails and 3 mini slopes for beginners totaling approximately 36 kilometers in length, snow sports fans will be thrilled. For adventure seekers there are 12 "black", back country runs with deep snow and lots of adrenaline. The Parnassos Ski Center stands out for the high safety levels at its facilities, its machinery, and its operation in general. There are two cafes-chalet & restaurant in the Center, ski and snowboard schools, rental stores for ski and snowboard equipment and a child minding service with a playground for the younger visitors, while a new ski and snowboard equipment maintenance store has started its operation at "Kelaria 1750". The Parnassos Ski Center ensures medical coverage to all skiers and visitors.


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Four spectacular mountains are at your feet for unique mountaineering experiences. Generally, speaking, the mountains of the Delphic land offer the most intense thrills that you can imagine on Greek soil. To truly enjoy our mountains, ideally with good company, you should always have the proper equipment, be cautious, follow safety rules, and naturally have a good knowledge of the routes as well as the prevailing weather conditions for each season, according to circumstance. All we need to do is to recommend the nicest mountaineering routes. Do not hesitate to contact the Greek Mountaineering Association of Amphissa (EOS), which has been at the top of the mountaineering associations in Greece for years.

Mt. Giona

> Kaloskopi – Karkanos – Lazorema – Vathia Lakka - Pyramida

> Sykia – Lazorema – Vathia Lakka - Pyramida

> Kaloskopi – Krya vrysi – Kritharolaka – Platyvouna - Shelter

> Viniani – Gorge of Rekkas – Mylos – Shelter - Pyramida

Mt. Parnassos

> Ε4 International path (Agoriani – Kalania – Kroki – Delphi) [yellow-black]

> Tithorea (Velitsa) - Liakoura - Gerontovrachos - Defner Shelter – Arkoudorema - Kalyvia Livadiou - Korykio Antro - Paliopanagia - Kroki – Delphi [red-white]

> Ano Polydrosso - Kelaria 1750 - Defner Shelter - Stavros - Arachova

> National path Ε22 (Polydrosso - Ano Polydrosso - Kelaria 1750 - 1950 - Gerontovrachos - Tsarkos - Hani Zemenou) [red]

Mt. Vardousia

> Athanasios Diakos – Prophet Elias - Pitimaliko (EOS Shelter) – Hikers' Shelter

> Athanasios Diakos – EOS Shelter – Megas Kambos – Lift – Mousounitsa / Ath. Diakos

Rock climbing

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These majestic mountains offer rock-climbing lovers incredible rocks and enjoyable routes for every level. The two large rock climbing fields of Mt. Giona (Portes) and Mt. Vardousia (Korakas, Gidovouni, Skorda, Pyramida, etc) and more than 100 routes on these mountains offer you the opportunity to become acquainted with the wild beauty of the Delphic land, while enjoying your favorite sport with safety, whether organized or not. The Greek Mountaineering Association of Amphissa (EOS) is always available to assist you with your thoughts, ideas, and intentions.


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With a network of modern & ancient paths, the Delphic land looks forward to recharging your hiking batteries that hold onto the memory of nature forever. Choose the route that suits you best according to your physical condition or the geophysical landscape that you prefer. The mountains' beautiful forest complexes meet caves, cultural landmarks and traditional settlements that are the bearers of history & legends. In the end, they will disclose the reasons why nature and history lovers choose the Delphic land each year for their unique journey-getaway in time. Put your boots on, take your stick, hat, water, snack, & windbreaker in your backpack, and experience the magic of hiking in the heart of Greece.

Paths - Hiking routes

> Delphi-Kirra ancient path ßà

> Delphi – Kroki – Parnassos National Park – Korykio Antro ßà

> Path Ε4, Delphi – Kalania – Eptalofos – Kaloskopi – Ath. Diakos (Multi-day) ßà

> Delphi – Pleistos River – Cochran/Desphina Peak ßà

> Delphi – Pleistos – Chrisso – Delphi ßà

> Delphi – Kroki (observation point)

> Polydrosso – Eptalofos ßà

> Polydrosso – Kellaria ßà

> Athanasios Diakos – Mousounitsa ßà

> Kaloskopi – Mnimata - Platyvouna

> Viniani – Gorge of Rekkas - Shelter ßà

> Amphissa – Harmaina – Sotiro – Castle of Oria - Amphissa ßà

> Galaxidi Port – Mylos – Kentri – Port ßà

> Itea – Ag. Anargyri

> Ag. Georgios – "Portes" Field – Prophet Elias

> Vargiani – Gravia ßà

> Vounichora – Kedrodasos (Cedar Tree Forest)


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Slaloming in the sky overlooking the beauty of the Delphic land is simply magical. The images and adrenaline rush that is brought on by the paraglider and wind currents stimulate the senses. Whether you take off from the ramp at Aghia Efthymia or from the smooth slopes of Delphi and Stavros, the launch over the Delphic land can only offer you unique thrills. Do not hesitate to contact the Sky Diving Club of Fokida & Central Greece with your needs and thoughts about an exhilarating experience in the heart of Greece.

Mountain bike

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A forest, a slope, a crest, a national park, a valley, or a plateau can offer you the best moments all year round. From the summer or winter descent at the Ski Center, the paths and forest routes of the Parnassos National Park to the olive grove of Amphissa, the slopes of Mt. Giona, Mt. Vardousia and Mt. Oiti, the land beneath the wheels will always be there, so that you can skillfully take control and enjoy yet another favorite sport, here, in the heart of Greece.

Nordic Walking

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You could not enjoy Nordic walking any better. The walking method from Scandinavia that uses poles and has taken the world by storm. This technique allows you to discover amazing places on Delphic land such as the archeological site of Delphi, the Parnassos National Park, the great olive grove of Amphissa, the beachfront of Galaxidi and Itea, our traditional villages and routes through the beautiful wellness forests. Nordic exercising has plenty of benefits that focus on blood circulation and the results of aerobic exercise as well as the metabolism, the strengthening of muscle mass and the general assistance of the human body. Even more so in an environment where exercise is converted into a life experience.


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Two kayaking course of exceptional beauty and different difficulty levels are hosted in the Ano Morno River, in the Kallieis region, in the flow/direction towards the artificial lake of Morno. The first begins outside of Stromi and goes up to the bridge towards Mousounitsa; from there a classical course runs until Lefkaditi, the limits of the lake. Two unique courses that need to be added to the yearly schedule of every kayaker that lives or visits Greece.


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For lovers of off road touring, there is an abundance of courses that you can enjoy on our magnificent mountains. Other than the classic connecting roads, there are wide dirt roads the run through the entire Delphic territory. This type of tour can be enjoyed all year round, with extra caution being paid during the winter months and the first months of spring when the snow on our mountains demands the appropriate caution, safety, preparation and of course, knowledge of the relative routes. In these cases under such circumstances, the reward is significant and guaranteed.

Sea Sports

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The Crisaean Gulf is a unique location in the Corinthian Gulf that is open to many, unique sea activities. Whether with dead calm or with mistral winds, in the sea or the Itea swimming pool, you can enjoy sailing and sailing races, wind surfing, waters skiing, diving, kite surfing, swimming and water polo all year round. With caution, knowledge and safety, sea sports can truly be thrilling for those that choose them.

Itea Swimming Pool

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For many years now, the Itea swimming pool has hosted both official and unofficial games from smaller levels to national water polo teams. It is a vivid athletic cell for sea sports given that Itea is the largest water gateway of the Municipality of Delphi.

Maritime Clubs

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Itea Maritime Club

The Itea Maritime Club is a sports club that was founded in 1964 and concerns itself with the development and dissemination of water sports in the city of Itea. It is the only club that cultivates sports like swimming and water polo in the Fokida prefecture. Tel.-Fax:2265034144, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Galaxidi Yacht Club

A live and active club in the picturesque and beautiful town of Galaxidi which introduces individuals to the world of yachting/sailing, while responsibly organizing relative racing activities.


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The Delphic land may be characterized by the large differences in altitude; however, this does not bother sports lovers from enjoying many of the unique natural landscapes that nature open-handedly offers. Cycling and mountain biking, jogging / cross country running, hiking, motocross country, rally, Nordic, soccer, tennis, are types of sport that are performed both by locals and visitors. On many occasions official Greek and international events have been successfully held in our natural and man-made 'tracks' and have received the most positive reviews about how nicely the splendor of the land teams up with the desire for action and adrenaline. All you need to do is give it a go.


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Only a few bicycle courses offer such beauty and moments of intense activity like those in Delphi. It is no coincidence that our land was the basic crossing point of the Bicycle Tour of Greece, but also the epicenter of smaller yet significant races such as the 2-day Bicycle Tour of Delphi in cooperation with PEPA and the Cycling Federation. The Delphic land loves cycling, so on every route across our land you will come across cyclist from all over the world that will be passionately cycling uphill and along the long straight roads.


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It is almost impossible to describe the abundant choices that you have for jogging in our land, whether it is to relax or for training. The truth of the matter is that the top choices are in Delphi with the magical view of the Delphic landscape at your feet and Itea with the splendid circular course leading to Kirra and the regional national road. You may not need to listen to music on your headphones while you are here. The energy emitted from the land is so strong that your senses will be automatically activated in one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Greece.


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Besides the pleasurable tour with a motorcycle, our mountains offer magnificent opportunities for fun on natural or man-made tracks on a cross motorcycle. Mt. Parnassos attracts motocross lovers to challenges and other activities that offer thrills on a magnificent landscape.


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For decades, the best special stages of the well-known Rally Acropolis were located in Delphi. Tough, intense, and phantasmagoric, the "Karoutes", the "Bauxites", the "Drosochori" are routes that have been etched in the minds of drivers and spectators. Even to this day, races like the Rally Acropolis are held in our land and refill our batteries with incredible moments.


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Soccer is clearly not the first thought in our visitors' minds, however, the games and summer tournaments that we host allows this popular game to be seen from another perspective.


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Located in a green and pleasant peri-urban environment on the outskirts of the modern town, the open sports center of Delphi offers you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite sport while you are here.