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The southern coast of the Delphic land is surrounded by the small Crisaean Gulf and of course the larger Corinthian Gulf with the 100km coastline. A coastline that offers beautiful beaches and shelters, rough beaches and peninsulas, islets and quiet coves, marinas and picturesque ports, deep waters and water passages, dolphins and sting rays, recreational and fishing boats, blue flags and rocks for diving, a beautiful sea bottom and salty waves, camping and organized recreation, tranquility and crowds. Everything that Greece has promised to those that choose to live, pass by, feel and share its experiences. The Delphic land is in the heart of Greece and it always beats close to a sunny beach.


Guide | Sun & Sea

Large or small, open or hidden, within or outside of settlements, organized or not, with or without a Blue Flag, our beaches look forward to your arrival so that you can enjoy their magnificent waters. From "Potamos", "Valtos" and the beaches of Aghios Minas at Desphina, camping at "Aigianni", "Vrachakia" and "Ai Gianni" in Kirra, "Xenia", "Maimi", "Evangelistria" and "Trokantero" at Itea, "Mikri Tailandi" (Small Thailand), "Kalafati", "Kentri", "Aghio Vasili" and the beach at Aghii Pantes at Galaxidi, each beach meets the different needs of every family, small or large group of youths, individuals, groups of adults or all of these.

Our beaches are primarily pebbled. Thus, you will be able to relax on a clean, sand-free beach and enjoy the benefits of a natural reflexology session as you walk barefoot on the pebbles. Given that the water from the mountain springs flows into the sea, the water at our beaches is cool. However, you will also be able to find beaches with normal or warm waters, if you prefer. Following a swim in the 100km coasts of the Delphic land, you will soon see the results of the body's natural rejuvenation.

Blue Flag Beaches

Guide | Sun & Sea

Our Municipality is happy to have 4 beaches that have been awarded by the international "Blue Flags" program. An annual program that awards a blue flag to the cleanest and most functional beaches both in Greece and internationally. The beaches "Miami" and "Trokantero" at Itea, "Kalafatis" at Galaxidi and "Aghii Pantes Beach" have blue flags for the entire summer swimming season; however, they also have facilities that serve the basic needs of winter swimmers.


Guide | Sun & Sea

The waters and geophysical landscape of the Delphic coasts offer an abundance of opportunities to enjoy and to tour our sea environment. You are able to enjoy the beautiful waters and unparalleled view of the Delphic land from the cape of Makrynikola in the Desphina region to the tranquil waters of Aghii Pantes. The town of Itea has a marina and a modern port, while the picturesque village of Galaxidi has a tourist port, thus you are able to organize a sea tour to one of the historical locations that fascinates you. With the Mediterranean climate prevailing in our area and the sunshine bordering the highest percentage in Greece, the Delphic micro-climate ensures that you can enjoy our seas almost all year round.

Itea marina

Guide | Sun & Sea

Latitude: 38° 25' 47"

Longitude: 22° 25' 15"

Located in the heart of the Crisaean and Corinthian Gulfs, Itea Marina is a hub for Delphi and the wider region. With Delphi being located only 18km from the Itea sea, mooring at Itea Marina offers direct access to transportation services (taxi, KTEL interstate buses) that can safely and surely transfer you to the worldwide historical site that is a must see attraction.

Itea Port Fund, tel. 22650 32279

Itea Port Authorities, tel. 22650 32319

Galaxidi Tourist Port

Guide | Sun & Sea

Latitude: 38° 22' 42"

Longitude: 22° 83' 16"

Picturesque and tranquil, the small port at Galaxidi is an ideal location for the mooring of recreational boats and the protection against weather conditions. Galaxidi's identity as an "island on land" is uncovered upon entering the port and accessing tourist services that meet all the basic and some particular needs that are required during the mooring of a tourist craft.


Guide | Sun & Sea

The port of Itea was one of the first ports in Greece to serve the needs of organized tourist crafts with a particular interest, of course, in the world heritage site of Delphi. Thus, to this day, a large number of cruise ships choose the port of Itea either for an overnight stay, or for a short day trip where visitor can combine a visit to Delphi, an excursion to the maritime town of Galaxidi, a visit to the town of Itea, an acquaintance with the neighborhood of Harmaina in Amphissa, an experience at the perennial olive grove of Amphissa or simply relax on a beach at Itea and enjoy a refreshing swim combining this with the Itea's magnificent esplanade for a coffee, meal or soft drink. As always, it brings us great pleasure when the cruise ship blows its whistle as it enters our port.

Itea Esplanade

Guide | Sun & Sea

Only a few cities in Greece have the privilege of being surrounded by a sea of such great length. Itea, the seaport of the Delphic land has one of the most beautiful coastal fronts and its own unique esplanade. A magnificent stretch of land for walking and cycling for kilometers that harmoniously combines entertainment, tranquility, recreation, relaxation, which are a point of reference for our land. Simply stroll along the esplanade and relax in the beauty and thrills that each season and the infinity of the sea has to offer in an emotive Delphic environment.

Sea Sports

Guide | Sun & Sea

The Crisaean Gulf is a unique location in the Corinthian Gulf that is open to many, unique sea activities. Whether with dead calm or with mistral winds, in the sea or the Itea swimming pool, you can enjoy sailing and sailing races, wind surfing, waters skiing, diving, kite surfing, swimming and water polo all year round. With caution, knowledge and safety, sea sports can truly be thrilling for those that choose them.


Guide | Sun & Sea

The geophysical landscape of our coasts is truly breathtaking. More than a few people choose to enjoy its beauties beneath the surface of the sea. Easily accessible islets, large rocks, calm coves, and beaches are usually the locations from where divers choose to enjoy their dives. Caution, knowledge of the waters and safety are the key requirement of this type of activity. We recommend that you consult the "Crisaean Free & Autonomous Divers Club" for any related thought or idea.